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Online Banking

The tools to do what you need, and protect what you do.

It’s not enough to simply have a checking account anymore. Businesses need tools that provide efficiencies, protect against fraud and transact with other companies in a sophisticated manner. High Point Bank offers the following tools to help Triad companies do business with those across town or across the world.


Business Banking Tools

Online Banking & Cash Management

With Online Banking from High Point Bank, you can do all the things you would expect—review your transactions, transfer funds and download statements. And with our Cash Management tools, you can pay employees with Direct Deposit, collect payments from customers with Direct Debit and perform Online Wire Transfers at a reduced cost over traditional wire transfers.

Cash Concentration

With this tool, you can electronically debit your accounts at other banks—even those outside of North Carolina—to concentrate your balances at High Point Bank.

Documentary Letter of Credit

Add security to an international transaction by ensuring the importer will be paid as long as the terms set forth in the shipping and collecting documents are met (subject to credit underwriting and approval).

Foreign Exchange

Conduct your international business in the currency of your choosing through foreign currency, foreign drafts, foreign exchange wires and international check collection. 

Investment Sweep Account

Earn a competitive rate of interest on excess balances.

Line of Credit Sweep

Receive automatic transfers from your Line of Credit or pay down your balance depending on your end-of-day cash position.

Zero Balance Accounts

Automatically transfer funds from a master account to multiple sub-accounts that maintain a daily balance of $0.00.

BusinessPoint Deposit

Scan and transmit check deposits to the bank via a desktop check scanner. Deposits made before 5:00 PM receive same-day credit.

Merchant Services

Make it easier for your customers to do business with you. Accept major credit cards through the latest in secure point-of-sale terminals or via online methods.

Business and Corporate Credit Card Services

Manage your business’ and employees’ expenses as well as benefit from enhanced reporting features and a no-cost Rewards Program.

Security Features

High Point Bank utilizes sophisticated monitoring systems that are necessary in today’s world to protect the funds in our customers’ accounts. In addition to all of the efforts we take behind the scenes to protect your money, there are some additional security features that are more visible to our customers.

Positive pay & ACH Filter

You know the trouble that can ensue when you're dealing with fraudulent behavior—not to mention the potential loss of funds. You can significantly reduce the incidence of illegal activity against your business checking account with Positive Pay from High Point Bank. Add on our ACH Filter, and you can reduce the risk of unauthorized ACH transactions against your account as well.

Security manager

The Security Manager feature helps ensure that money isn’t being moved out of cash-management accounts by unauthorized personnel. When outgoing wire transfers or ACH transactions are requested online, an authorized user will receive a text message containing a numeric code that must be entered into online banking for the transfer to go through.

Trusteer Rapport

High Point Bank recommends Trusteer Rapport software, from IBM, as an additional layer of online security on top of your current antivirus protection. This software has been purchased by High Point Bank for the use of our customers.