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Online Banking

Business Checking–Just the Starting Point

High Point Bank offers four primary checking products. But when paired with other elements like sweep accounts, security features and our menu of cash management technologies, they become solutions that help keep your business running.



That’s why we take the time to make sure you’re in the right business checking products.

Companies manage their money differently based on the cash flow requirements of their business. We understand that. And that’s why we put a good bit of care into recommending the right checking products for our customers — no matter the size of their business.

Analysis checking

Our full-featured account option, Analysis Checking meets the needs of companies with more advanced cash-management requirements. 

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Analysis Checking is designed for well-established, large business customers with high levels of activity. The product is available in both interest and non-interest bearing varieties and features account analysis to offer an earnings allowance that offsets account activity charges for services like wires, sweeps and ACH transactions.

Standard checking

With no monthly maintenance fee plus Online Banking and Bill Pay, many smaller businesses find Standard Checking to be the most efficient account to meet their needs.

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Designed for businesses with a low level of transactions, Standard Checking offers no monthly fee and no minimum balance requirements, and up to 250 no-charge transactions per monthly statement cycle.

Community checking

Foundations. Clubs. Churches and civic groups. As a community bank, it’s just natural that we offer a checking account designed especially for nonprofit needs. 

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Community Checking offers non-profit organizations the benefit of no monthly fees, no minimum balance requirements and up to 500 transaction items per month without cost.

Interest checking

Some businesses elect to use a combination of transactional and interest-bearing accounts to meet their needs. But for those who desire a single-account cash-management solution, we offer Interest Checking. 

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Interest Checking offers all the conveniences and liquidity of our other business checking accounts, but has the ability to earn interest. Earnings Credits on collected balances offset monthly analysis charges, and balances above this amount receive a competitive interest rate.

BusinessPoint Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit uses scanner technology to enable High Point Bank customers to securely deposit checks into their accounts directly from their office, rather than having to visit a branch location to make daily deposits.

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Online Banking and cash management

High Point Bank offers full-featured Online Banking and Cash Management services to business customers, accessible from desktop computers or through our iPad app. 

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Customized solutions for your business

When working with a new customer, we ask for two months of your prior bank statements. We analyze the activity and then recommend an account structure that would meet your needs in terms of handling your transactions at the minimum level of fees. It may be that your business is best suited for Standard Checking. Or Interest Checking. Or Analysis Checking, if you’ve got very high transaction volumes. 

But most often, it’s not just one account that provides the solution. Based on our review, we can recommend a second account, such as a Money Market Account with a sweep feature, which can help you manage your cash flow while maximizing the money that’s earning interest. 

And, of course, we’ll also recommend tools such as adding a Remote Deposit Scanner if we believe that it’ll help you and your staff be more efficient and profitable. 

So it’s not one size fits all. We’ll take the time to carefully recommend account solutions that are best for you and your growing business — no matter your size.

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