BusinessPoint Checking

Business Point Remote Deposit

Most appropriate for businesses with mid-to-high transaction levels, Remote Deposit uses scanner technology to enable High Point Bank customers to securely deposit checks into their accounts directly from their office location. Remote Deposit is an available component for any of the BusinessPoint accounts listed.

BusinessPoint is High Point Bank’s lineup of primary business checking accounts.  Because our customers are at the center of all that we do, we’ve designed accounts that fit businesses of virtually every size and mission.


BusinessPoint Analysis Checking
This account is designed for well-established, large business customers with high levels of activity. Analysis Checking uses account analysis to offer an earnings allowance that offsets account activity charges.


BusinessPoint Standard Checking
Designed for businesses with a low level of transactions, Standard Checking offers no monthly fee and no minimum balance requirements.


BusinessPoint Community Checking
Community Checking
offers non-profit organizations the benefit of no monthly fees, no minimum balance requirements and up to 500 items per month without cost.

To open an account, or simply to find out more, call High Point Bank at 336-881-3400 and speak to a business banking specialist. Or contact us here.