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Commercial Bankers

This is the banker who should know you and your business best—who understands your strengths and challenges. Very often, we are able to match you with a banker who has expertise in your industry.



Senior VP, Business Development 
336.881.3450 | Email

“I really enjoy building relationships that last and working with all of our lending staff to open doors for new opportunities to share our High Point Bank story, which is truly unique in today’s financial world.”

High Point 

Mike Bridger

VP, Commercial Banker
336.881.3219 | Email

“I enjoy getting to know my customers, their families and their businesses so I can provide a real difference in their success.”

High Point 

Ken Esposito

VP, Commercial Banker
336.881.3997 | Email

“The thing I most enjoy about my job is connecting with various business owners, building a relationship with them and then eventually being able to help them with their financial needs.”
High Point 

Stephen Farabee

VP, Commercial Banker, CTP
336.881.3244 | Email  

"Working with business owners to help them grow their companies in ways that will positively impact them, their employees and our local community is my favorite part of being a community banker.”


William Laney

Senior VP, Greensboro City Executive, Commercial Banker
336.881.3243 | Email

“I enjoy the ability to work in a consultative and responsive role for my customers providing them with local credit decisions, access to management and commitment to authentic community banking.”


Rick Gabriel

Senior VP, Commercial Banker
336.881.3230 | Email

“One of my favorite types of financing is the construction of new buildings and the installation of new equipment. There is something indescribably rewarding about watching a project go from dirt to brick-and-mortar then finally thrive as an operating business.”


John Gourley

VP, Commercial Banker
336.271.5934 | Email  

“When the customer tells you later how our service helped them or if those same customers are out in the communities describing the positive experience they had with High Point Bank, you realize how rewarding the job is.”


Calvin R. Worsley

VP, Commercial Banker
336.271.5933 | Email

“I enjoy establishing new banking relationships, and cultivating that relationship as they are established as customers. If I can become an asset to them as they grow their business, then I know I’ve done my job.”


Bill Green

Senior VP, Winston-Salem City Executive, Commercial Banker
336.819.4401 | Email

“I enjoy working with my clients to become both a trusted member of their team as well as a reliable friend.”


Terry Freeman

Senior VP, Commercial Banker
336.819.4404 | Email

“I enjoy working with business clients that value a relationship with me as I offer creative ways to help them reach their goals.”

TriadWide Specialty Banker

Deanna Snow

AVP, Treasury Services Officer
336.881.3951 | Email

“I’m passionate about putting technology to work for our customers and continuously look for opportunities to improve our products and services.”

TriadWide Specialty Banker

Michelle Koster

Senior VP, Triad Business Banking Lead
336.881.3279 | Email

“Business owners are forced to wear many hats in the course of a day; they shouldn’t have to navigate through cash flow or expansion concerns without a trusted banker by their side.”

TriadWide Specialty Banker

Chuck Snipes

VP, Commercial Banker, Home Builder Finance
336.881.3286 | Email

“The most fulfilling part about my job is providing a builder client with an efficient and effective credit tool that allows the builder to employ quality workers and contractors, build homes of all types for the people of the Triad and to be profitable doing it.”