We hear from our customers that one of the truly valued benefits of Retirement Point® is the flexibility that we offer.  The experts at Retirement Point can make the decisions regarding investment of the plan’s savings, or employees can elect to make their own selections from individual funds or groups of funds.  Remember, there are no extra fees incurred to either the plan sponsor or the employee for your asset selections to be professionally managed.

The process used by High Point Bank’s Retirement Point advisors features:

  • Actively-managed, risk-based strategies, adjusted for economic conditions and expectations
  • A disciplined, unbiased selection process from among the top funds in the industry
  • Various strategies form “Conservative Income” to “Aggressive Growth”, with appropriate allocations of assets between fixed income and stock portfolios
  • Quarterly monitoring, with under-performing funds replaced regularly
  • Recurring one-on-one meetings with employees to help ensure that our selections are meeting their financial condition and future goals
  • A team of thirteen officers, with an average of more than twenty years of experience, and numerous licenses and designations