High Point Bank believes in helping businesses grow.† And in providing them with capital to do so, from a local resource.† No matter what type of loan you may be interested in, you can count on professional service, thoughtful consultation, and local decision making.† Thatís not something every bank can say.

Lines of Credit
Ideal for short term borrowing needs that may occur in the course of business.

Term Loans
Term Loans offer the convenience and consistency of equal payments over a pre-determined period of time.

Single Pay Notes
Single Pay Notes are available with either fixed or variable rates.

Real Estate Loans
Available with fixed or variable rates and can be amortized for up to twenty years.

Construction Loans
Provided in the form of a Draw Down line of credit, borrowers can easily advance funds from Construction Loans as needed for one-time use.

Our bankers have created and maintained relationships with many of the Triadís leading businesses for over a century.† If you donít know our bankers yet, get to know them now.

If you'd like more information or for a representative to contact you, please contact us here.