Personal Savings

High Point Bank offers several savings options, insured by the FDIC for security.  All products, except CDs, include account accessibility at ATMs, along with free Online Banking and Mobile Banking.

Statement Savings
A safe and secure savings account that earns daily interest at a competitive rate.  Statement Savings is easy to open, with as little as a $300 deposit.  Send a portion of your direct deposit to this account to build your balance!

Kids Club Savings
With only a $25 minimum deposit to open, and fun features year-round, High Point Bank’s Kids Club is a fun way to teach your child or grandchild financial responsibility.  For more information on this account open to children 12 and under, click here.

Teen Savings  
Once your child has graduated from the Kids Club, they can continue to watch their savings grow through a Teen Savings account.

Money Market Accounts
Open an MMA with as little as $1,000. Higher deposits offer higher interest rates. Interest is compounded daily and added to account monthly.

CDs (Certificates of Deposit) 
Perfect for funds you want to deposit for a specified period of time. CDs are available for deposits as low as $1,000, with maturity periods from one month up to four years. Higher yields offered for large deposits. You can receive your interest by check, have it deposited to an account, or reinvested back into your CD.

Benchmark CDs  
A special CD that protects your rate – your Benchmark CD rate automatically increases if we increase our other CD rates. If rates fall, your rates will never fall below the original rate. 

High Point Bank is a participant in the CDARS program, allowing deposit customers with very high balances to purchase CDs with one bank but have the assets allocated among multiple banks as to not exceed FDIC deposit insurance limits.

To access a suite of savings-related financial calculators, please click here.