If you’re an employee of a company who offers Retirement Point™, congratulations!  Assuming you are making regular contributions to your 401(k) or other similar account, you’re participating in a retirement plan that will help you enjoy life after your working years have ended. 


If you have questions about your investments—the amount you are saving or how your money is being allocated, speak first with your plan administrator at work.  Your administrator may be able to answer your questions, or will help you arrange a meeting with a Retirement Point advisor to review your savings plan.


You can sign in here to review your Retirement Point account on our secure site—current balance information, account performance, and other information.   


If you’re a Retirement Point account holder, and need to obtain a log-in and password or need to be reminded as to what your credentials are, please contact the  Participant Service Center" at 800-716-3742


For useful tools that can help you calculate the amount of money you’ll need to retire comfortably, visit our retirement calculators page.