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Sophisticated Investment Services — Delivered Simply

With a distinct investment philosophy and the capability to work with our customers in a relationship-driven environment, we think you’ll be surprised at the sophistication of the services that we offer at High Point Bank.


Investment Management with a Purpose

At the center of any wealth-management provider is the investment-management function. Below is our strikingly simple 3-step investment process that always keeps your needs front and center.

Simple 3-Step Investment process

  1. You’ll meet with a dedicated portfolio manager that gets to know you and understand your investment needs.

  2. Using defined risk parameters and return expectations, we’ll construct portfolios that are structured to pursue your goals using world-class investment research and a disciplined asset-allocation approach.

  3. Work toward investment results in a risk-managed, unbiased, low-cost way.

investment philosophy

But there is so much more expertise that comes into play beyond a process. Having a thoughtful investment philosophy that is proven and effective is much more our style, than chasing financial fads. This approach can be seen through several key tenets of our investment philosophy:

  • Much more so than security selection, market timing or other factors, asset allocation is the primary predictor of portfolio performance.

  • Asset allocation therefore remains our primary focus in portfolio construction, with funds spread among various investment tools that deliver capital growth, income generation and protection against inflation and volatility—in accordance with your investment goals. Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against loss.

  • Our portfolio construction process emphasizes low-cost index funds in lieu of actively managed funds, which are less predictable over time and can change their focus without notice.

  • Risk can be measured in volatility, loss or exposure—and our models account for each and communicate these risk factors to you so that you can be sure that you are comfortable with them.

  • Ongoing communication with our clients is a two-way street. As our outlooks change, we’ll communicate that to you through both personal and published forms of communication. And as your goals evolve, we’ll want to hear that from you so that we can create new benchmarks and adjust the allocation of your assets.